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Spa Day - Scented Candle

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As parents we know that me time can’t always be “alone time” but rather what ever fills our cup.
And in hectic of life a single spa day is more resembling a very short spa moment. Yet one moment of calmness and relaxation that can turn the outlook of an entire day.

Our Spa Day candle is carefully fashioned using only oh-so-sweet vanilla amber together with its mellow counterparts— sandalwood, oud and patchouli — for an aroma that resonates beyond pleasure right into sophistication territory. Inhaling these alluring fragrances will leave both the mind & body refreshed as though just stepped off a spiritual journey full transformation & renewal . Enjoy every second when magnificence meets elegance while feeling happy pampered & uplifted by discovering how naturally divine it can be to experience true recharging spa treatment at home anytime!


This is a luxury scented candle in a solid and heavy cream coloured ceramic-like candle jar. The ceramic pot is approx. 9.5 cm in diameter and 10.5 cm high. The candle is produced with a selected top-level European rapeseed wax that gives an optimal slow burn ratio. This large Peïthō candle, carries 40cl of wax and has proofed to have a long-lasting 60h (sometimes even more) burn-time.

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scent notes

Vanilla Amber, Sandalwood, Oud, Patchouli

what's included?

vegan rapeseed wax, 40cl scented candle

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