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Namaste - Scented Candle

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Namaste – the ancient mantra of acceptance and peace, translated to “I honor the divine in you.” This is the energetic intention behind Peïthō’s hand-poured candle, Namaste. Crafted with a balanced blend of lotus, orchid and musk, each burn of this candle’s sweet and subtle aroma invites an invitation for stillness. As you light the wick, it serves as a reminder to pause and appreciate yourself, your environment and all those around you. The calming fragrance evokes a sense of connection with oneself and with the profound feeling of unity that embraces us all. Let Namaste be your companion to cultivate inner peace, embodying love for the self and for others.


This is a luxury scented candle in a solid and heavy black ceramic-like glass candle jar. Its wooden lid helps to keep your precious scents for you. The ceramic pot is approx. 8cm in diameter and 9cm high. The candle is produced with a selected top-level European rapeseed wax that gives an optimal slow burn ratio. This larger Peïthō candle, carries 30cl of wax and has proofed to have a long-lasting 55h burn-time.

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Peitho Candle explaining all features with wax, glass, lid

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scent notes

Orchid, Jasmine, Bergamot,, Lotus, Rose, Musk

what's included?

30cl scented candle, matt black ceramic-like glass jar, vegan rapeseed wax, wooden lid

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