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Minty - Scented Candle

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Stimulate your senses with Minty, the hand-poured scented candle from Peïthō. Breathe in a refreshing mixture that is strong and pepperminty, swirled with a hint of dried fruit sweetness. Let your imagination go, as it conjures up images of after-eights and other chocolate treats. But don’t worry, this candle won’t actually be edible – instead, let the scent fill your space, creating a harmonious atmosphere full of vibrancy and tranquility. With Minty, sweet memories will linger in the air, leaving you feeling uplifted and relaxed.


This is a luxury scented candle in a solid and heavy black ceramic-like glass candle jar. Its wooden lid helps to keep your precious scents for you. The ceramic pot is approx. 8cm in diameter and 9cm high. The candle is produced with a selected top-level European rapeseed wax that gives an optimal slow burn ratio. This larger Peïthō candle, carries 30cl of wax and has proofed to have a long-lasting 55h burn-time.

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Peitho Candle explaining all features with wax, glass, lid

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scent notes

Peppermint, Gardenmint, Herbs, Dried Fruit

what's included?

30cl scented candle, matt black ceramic-like glass jar, vegan rapeseed wax, wooden lid

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