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Honey Lounge - Scented Candle

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Deep within the shadows of a dark lounge, illuminating from the pot is a candle that holds more than just its wax and wick. Honey Lounge, crafted with care by Peïthō, emits an inviting aroma that transports its guests to a world of warm tobacco leaves, sweet honey, patchouli, and sandalwood aromas. As the thin round wood-wick crackles and ignites the room, memories of milestones and joyful moments come alive again.

This candle evokes powerful feelings of contentment and appreciation; it carries with it a reminder of anything that is close and special to the heart. Each time you experience the scent of Honey Lounge, it offers a journey of relaxation and nostalgia. It’s a fragrance that lingers in the air as well as in the mind, creating a lasting impression on all who encounter it.


This is a luxury scented candle in a solid and heavy black ceramic-like glass candle jar. Its wooden lid helps to keep your precious scents for you. The ceramic pot is approx. 8cm in diameter and 9cm high. The candle is produced with a selected top-level European rapeseed wax that gives an optimal slow burn ratio. The is the larger Peïthō candle, carrying 30cl of wax and has proofed to have a long-lasting 55h burn-time.

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Peitho Candle explaining all features with wax, glass, lid

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scent notes

Tobacco, Honey, Spices, Sandalwood, Tonka, Patchouli

what's included?

30cl scented candle, matt black ceramic-like glass jar, vegan rapeseed wax, wooden lid

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