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Welcome to the world of Peïthō

Welcome to the Peïthō Candle workshop! Step inside and you will find a place of craftsmanship and passion. Behind every single perfume and every single light is a meticulous process that yields a truly unique Peïthō product.

Looking at our candles: first, we source only the highest quality natural waxes, so that your candle burns cleanly and evenly.  Our wax blends are then combined with carefully chosen fragrances to create an optimal burning experience.  Finally, the candles undergo an exhaustive testing process to make sure each one is of superior quality.

At Peïthō, we strive for perfection – and it shows in every candle we make. From start to finish, we take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to sourcing the best materials available. Put simply, our process makes for superior scented candles that last longer, burn more cleanly, and have great depth of fragrance.

Experience true craftsmanship when you light a Peïthō Candle.

Our rapeseed wax & our wicks

Only the best quality

At Peïthō, we believe in producing luxury candles with eco-friendly wax. That’s why we only use locally sourced rapeseed wax from European producers. This means our products don’t come with the environmental impact associated with soy wax, which is often shipped from overseas. Our wax is also vegan friendly, making it a great choice for those looking for cruelty-free products. By using rapeseed wax, you can be sure that your candle won’t contribute to deforestation or harm the environment in any way. 

When it comes to candles, the wick is just as important as the scent. We take great care in selecting the perfect wick for each candle. We know that each style of candle has its own unique heat requirements and wax characteristics, so we choose the most appropriate wick for each candle. Our wicks burn cleanly and evenly, providing a steady and consistent flame every time. And our wicks are also designed to minimize smoke, reducing the potential for soot and odors when burning your favorite scented candles. So trust us – when you light up one of our candles, you can be sure you’re getting the best performance and stylish look.

Our candle jars

Highest quality glass

At Peïthō, we take great pride in our candle jars. Our elegant Italian-made glasses are produced with the highest quality materials, giving them an enduring beauty and sophisticated style. We chose this design not only for its aesthetic appeal, but also because it is practical – the jar is large enough to hold a generous 230g/30cl of wax while still being easy to handle and store. It also comes with a wooden lid, which not only lends a rustic charm to the overall look, but also provides a snug seal to protect against scent loss when the candle isn’t burning. 

We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that you have the best possible experience with your candles. Why settle for basic when you can have beautiful?

Peitho-Perfumes.ScentedCandles_ Petho candle sweet winter - cranberry orange cinnamon infused with molecular perfume.


Adapted to each scent

Our Peïthō scented candles have been carefully crafted to provide you with the best possible scent experience. Each candle is made with high quality materials, starting with the jars that are prepared with a wick and dusted off to make sure they are ready for use. The wax is then melted to the perfect temperature, and fragrance is carefully added. We test and adjust until we find the right concentration of fragrances – ensuring an optimal aroma when your candle is lit. Next, each candle is hand-poured here in Zug and allowed to cool. Once partially cooled, the wicks are centered and straightened so they will burn correctly. 

All of this work ensures that our candles bring warmth and pleasure to your home – for many hours of enjoyment.

Cutting & quality control

Individually adjusted

When crafting scented candles, quality and precision are key. In the finishing process, candles undergo surfacing to ensure that the top is perfectly smooth. This involves gently melting the surface of the candle to provide a level terrain. Carefully cutting the wick at a specific height also helps to ensure an optimal first burn. Attention to detail throughout each step of the process results in a superior-quality product that looks great and burns evenly for a longer period of time. Peïthō means quality. 

Peitho-Perfumes.ScentedCandles_ A homemade Swiss coffee with a label that says bouquet damour. (Keywords: homemade, Swiss)

Labeling & packing

The final touch

At Peïthō, we believe that packaging is just as important as the product inside. We take extra care to ensure that our candles are perfect before they’re packaged and shipped out to you. Our upgraded tumbler boxes come in either black or white to match your chosen jar, so you can be sure your candle looks beautiful on your shelf. And when it comes to stocking levels, we produce our candles in small batches, so you can always be sure of getting the latest scents while they’re still available. Whether you’re giving a gift or buying something special for yourself, choose Peïthō for quality products, great packaging and exceptional service.

Peitho-Perfumes.ScentedCandles_ A woman with blonde hair smiling as she holds a scented candle in front of a window.

Vanesa Reiser

Hi there,

I am the co-owner and co-founder of the Peïthō, with a great passion for learning, creating and making the world a better (smelling) place.
I graduated Master of Law and have been playing piano since early childhood. Just as three notes on a piano make a chord and carefully picked words make a law – odors can be layered to conjure an emotion, something vague yet strikingly personal.

The tremendous feeling of the creation process, the satisfaction of holding the finished product of your work in hands is small compared to scenting that perfume on a by-passer on the street, knowing it made them happier.

Peitho-Perfumes.ScentedCandles_ A man wearing a blue swiss jacket and pink shirt.

Simon Reiser


I’m Simon, the Co-founder of Peïthō. I’m passionate about many things but smells and the attraction they hold in all our surroundings have been a cornerstone throughout my life. On a personal note, I love Petrichor; the scent and the feeling of a rainy summer evening and this typical smell lingering like an invisible coat. But it doesn’t stop there. Imagine the feeling of a day at the seaside, the taste of dried salt, of powder, sun cream and some lasting warm sun-rays on your skin. For me, scents can transport us to memories and therefore act as time capsules or they can guide us through stormy times. Perfumes are our secret language that follows you anywhere. Whilst they describe our origins, perfumes project the cultural setting of the world we live in. Perfumes will always be subjective and thus remain unique per definition. This is the true meaning of a perfume which definitely is worth sharing with other perfume enthusiasts.

At the end – for me – this is true Great Beauty.

Peitho-Perfumes.ScentedCandles_ A woman with purple hair posing in front of a white background, holding a scented candle.

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