We are Peïthō.

We would like to tell you a bit more about Peïthō (read below), but we would love even more to get in touch with you to have a chat! 

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About the brand name

Greek goddess of persuasion and seduction

The brand name Peïthō comes from the eponymous Greek goddess of persuasion and seduction. Peitho was known for helping Aphrodite in her pursuit of love and beauty. She embodies the essence of luxury, style and seduction.

We want to help our customers in the same way – by offering them products that make them feel confident, beautiful and empowered. Whether you’re looking for a new signature fragrance or the perfect gift, Peïthō has something for everyone. We invite you to experience Peïthō firsthand.

Our vision

A personal signature fragrance for you

Like any passion – whether cooking, painting, photography or music – this one requires courage, talent, dedication – and above all passion. Neither of us has a “fragrance alchemist” background, but we are passionate perfumers and we know that many of our clients are too! We discover our “muse” in the events of our daily lives; the intense emotions we feel when we see a beautiful landscape or smell pleasant fragrances usually inspire us – and often it is precisely the simultaneous combination of both.

So for us, perfume means living all experiences passionately, vividly and mindfully, and staying true to one’s self. It has always been and will always be our dream to create and distribute fragrances that build on precisely this symbiosis between the environment and the individual.

Peïthō is just that: a personal signature fragrance that accompanies you wherever your path takes you.

its up to you to write your perfume history
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Vanesa Reiser

Hi there,

I am the co-owner and co-founder of the Peïthō, with a great passion for learning, creating and making the world a better (smelling) place.
I graduated Master of Law and have been playing piano since early childhood. Just as three notes on a piano make a chord and carefully picked words make a law – odors can be layered to conjure an emotion, something vague yet strikingly personal.

The tremendous feeling of the creation process, the satisfaction of holding the finished product of your work in hands is small compared to scenting that perfume on a by-passer on the street, knowing it made them happier.

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Simon Reiser


I’m Simon, the Co-founder of Peïthō. I’m passionate about many things but smells and the attraction they hold in all our surroundings have been a cornerstone throughout my life. On a personal note, I love Petrichor; the scent and the feeling of a rainy summer evening and this typical smell lingering like an invisible coat. But it doesn’t stop there. Imagine the feeling of a day at the seaside, the taste of dried salt, of powder, sun cream and some lasting warm sun-rays on your skin. For me, scents can transport us to memories and therefore act as time capsules or they can guide us through stormy times. Perfumes are our secret language that follows you anywhere. Whilst they describe our origins, perfumes project the cultural setting of the world we live in. Perfumes will always be subjective and thus remain unique per definition. This is the true meaning of a perfume which definitely is worth sharing with other perfume enthusiasts.

At the end – for me – this is true Great Beauty.

Peitho-Perfumes.ScentedCandles_ A woman with purple hair posing in front of a white background, holding a scented candle.

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