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Scented candles have grown extremely popular over the last few decades, with an increasing amount of people selecting them for adorning their home or workspace. With such a large range of scented varieties and fragrances, it can be challenging to decide which type of wax is most suitable for your project. Rapeseed wax is a unique solution – it’s a sustainable and clean-burning substitute to traditional paraffin waxes. In this article, we’ll discover why rapeseed wax is such an excellent material for crafting scented candles. The advantages of rapeseed wax include: a low melting point (which helps to throw scents better), longer burning time, clean burning with no soot, consistent thickness when melted, consistent liquidity during cooling process, higher aroma compared to paraffin waxes and finally the fact that its biodegradable material derived from renewable sources and mostly from European production.

Why rapeseed wax is just better

Rapeseed wax is a popular choice for making scented candles due to its natural properties. It has a low melting point, is slow burning, and produces a slow and even flame. Rapeseed wax is also known for its natural creamy white color and is less prone to discoloration compared to other waxes. This section will cover all of the properties of rapeseed wax, allowing you to make an informed decision about which wax to use for your scented candles.

Low melting point

Rapeseed wax has a low melting point of approximately 49 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for use in scented candles that are designed to melt slowly and remain strong throughout their burn time. This lower melting temperature also makes rapeseed wax easier to work with than other wax types, as it can be melted in smaller quantities and used immediately. The low melting point also results in a much slower burn rate than other types of wax, allowing users to make longer burning candles with the same amount of wax. Furthermore, its soft texture allows it to blend easily with colors or fragrances for unique effects.

High scent throw

Rapeseed wax is a unique wax that is becoming increasingly popular for its multitude of uses and benefits. While there are several types of wax available for candle making, rapeseed wax stands out due to its high scent throw.

When burned, most candles release the fragrance molecules into the air which form a scented aura around the burning candle. The amount of fragrance produced during this process is known as the ‘scent throw’. Rapeseed wax has the highest possible scent throw, which means that it releases more essential oils into the air than any other type of wax – making its scent more powerful and long lasting than other candles including its peer of soy wax candles.

The higher heat resistance of rapeseed wax also results in slower burning times; this helps to retain even more fragrance in each candle produced from this particular type of wax. This makes them ideal for use in areas with stronger scents as they will last longer and add more depth to their aroma without overpowering other fragrances nearby.

For those looking to create luxury quality scented candles using only natural ingredients, rapeseed wax is an excellent choice due to its high scent throw, non-GMO origin and sustainable production processes which make it an eco-friendly choice as well! And this was for us, in our own Peïthō candle production, an important factor – since we know that our wax has only had a short distance to arrive here.

Long-lasting burn time

When it comes to creating scented candles, no other wax material can beat rapeseed wax. It is a plant-based oil wax which is derived from turnip rape seed that provides superior solutions for scented candles.

Rapeseed wax has its unique property of being able to hold scents for a long time and its ability to burn stable at a relatively high temperature. It provides an impressive burn time as compared to other types of candle wax, keeping the experience enjoyable for longer hours. Depending on the container size, rapeseed wax has the capacity to last up to 20 hours per ounce (approx 30g) when burned in optimal conditions. The less dense structure of the rapeseed wax also ensures that the flame will not be extinguished by airflow in larger containers compared to other types of candle wax.

In addition, it resists bloom and frosting so your candle creation can have an attractive look that lasts throughout its lifetime.

Non-toxic and biodegradable

Rapeseed wax is a vegetable oil based wax produced from the seed of brassica napus, or rapeseed plants, and is non-toxic, biodegradable and does not emit any harmful fumes when burned. This makes it an ideal material for scented candles as all of the essential oils and fragrances used to scent the candles can be fully appreciated without having to worry about air pollution or potential health risks.

Unlike paraffin wax which is derived from petroleum, rapeseed wax creates no nasty by-products when it’s burned. This means that all the energy released during the burning process goes into producing light and heat rather than releasing black soot particles in the air which can cause a build up of creosote in fireplaces and chimneys. Additionally, this means candles offer a longer burn time before needing to be extinguished.

The natural properties of rapeseed give it excellent melt-ability as well as being easier to work with than some other wax types such as beeswax or soybean or coconut based waxes. The high melting temperature also helps add strength to candles while also allowing them to retain their scent for longer periods of time once they have been lit.

Cleaner burning

Rapeseed wax is one of the most popular materials used for making scented candles due to its numerous advantages. One of the biggest benefits of rapeseed wax is that it is a cleaner burning wax than other types of wax. This means that when lit, it releases fewer pollutants into the air compared to other types of candles. Rapeseed wax also burns at a higher temperature, which helps candles to last longer and intensify the aroma they are releasing. Furthermore, without any additives, this type of wax will set hard and clear which make it a preferred material for delicate handmade items such as decorative ornaments. Lastly, the low melting point allows for easy clean up—simply wipe off any excess upon cooling.


In conclusion, rapeseed wax is superior to other wax types when it comes to creating scented candles. With its great melting point, stability, and capacity to retain fragrance, it is the ideal wax for the most luxurious candles that can burn evenly while offering strong scent throw and lasting performance. It is also a great choice for aromatherapy candles due to its naturally low melting point. Furthermore, rapeseed wax has a longer shelf life than other types of waxes for candle making. This makes it ideal for larger scale production or bulk orders. Ultimately, its natural properties make it the best choice when it comes to creating beautiful and long-lasting scented candles that can bring joy and relaxation into your home or special occasion.

rapeseed wax and Peitho
Peïthō’s latest collection – here during the Wintermarket at Freiruum in Zug (10.12 – 11.12.2022) 

Peïthō handmade candles are vegan – produced purely with European rapeseed wax, cruelty free and scented with a unique fragrance!

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